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For 50 years passionate about your work

Experience, quality, performance, reliability: the strong points of the KRUPPS products are the first allies in their customers' success. Not simple machines, but technology and innovation coupled with the study of the sector's professionals, capable of meeting all the requirements of the catering world.

KRUPPS is also a synonym of eco sustainability, a company that's always paid attention to the environment, efficiency and savings.

KRUPPS: on your side for over two generations.

Research & Development: we never stop looking forward 

The attention paid to research and development has played a vital role in the history and evolution of Krupps, constantly committed to creating concepts capable of seeing beyond standards.

In 1987 the company developed the clean water washing system, one of the most significant innovations ever introduced into industrial washing processes, capable of matching washing efficiency with respect for the environment.

Through the years the use of resources and energy in the research/development/control department has continued with the same intensity, with the objective of ensuring high and constant machine quality level.

It’s not just the product that evolves, it’s the company itself.

In fact we have introduced the “Lean Production” industrial philosophy into our production system, a system that ensures fast product availability and high quality standards for the offered product:


“Determination, passion, love for our work are the values that have accompanied us for over 45 years, dedicated all to the growth of this company”

Antonio Scanavin, founder of KRUPPS Srl

KRUPPS Timeline: the milestones in the Company's history


Every day we renew our commitment to the research of new technologies and production logics, to ensure the development of our products for a better future respectful of the environment. 


A clean vision for the future

• Energy saving
• Water saving
• Reduction in chemicals
• Respect for the environment



100% Made in Italy

• Reliability
• Reliability
• Guaranteed service
• RoHS materials


2015 - Krupps celebrates its 50th anniversary.  Our commitment and passion over the years enables us to achieve important goals


2015 - Restyling of the warewasher line


2014 -  New FULL line

FULL, the pinnacle of Krupps’ quality, guarantees total to partial replacement of clean water at each cycle which results in  superior washing performance thanks to the ability of combining different technologies.


2013 - Thanks to continuous research to improve its products, Krupps developed the EWC SYSTEM, an innovative electronic control system which allows you to customise washing programs and provides technicians with easier parameter  settings.



2012 - Koral 1100 and Koral 1200 restyling: new dishwashers, hooded with molded tub and double wall.


2011 – The first promotional video about the KRUPPS business is shot: 6 minutes showing all the stages in the company work, starting from the design of the machine down to the shipping of the finished and packed product.


2001 -  Launch of the new Soft line.

SOFT, with built-in water softener, the continuous and automatic regeneration of resins, prevents limescale build-up and extends the life of the dishwasher.


2011 - Launch of the new  Elitach line with built-in rinse pump and Break-Tank.

ELITECH, the top of the line, thanks to new production technologies, ensures impeccable washing quality to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


2010 - Launch of the Ecoclean line.

ECOCLEAN, with partial replacement of water at each wash, is the ideal solution in terms of effectiveness, hygiene, savings and respect for the environment


2008 -  The new Cube line is launched.

CUBE, simple in its form, solid in its mechanics, this line introduces a wide range of Krupps dishwashers.


2006 – The Company receives the Gold Medal in the “Concorso per la Premiazione del Lavoro e del Progresso Economico” (Work and Economic Progress Award) awarded by Padua Chamber of Commerce.


2004 – Transfer of the business to the current plant in Via Austria 19, in Padua with a 6000 sq.m. surface.


1987 – First application of the innovative clean water washing system, designed by KRUPPS.


1982 – The first KRUPPS washer is launched


1974 – The Company wins the “Vittoria all’Export” National Productivity Award.


1964-65 – KRUPPS Srl is founded in the historical Padua location of Legnaro that it will occupy for 38 years, till 2003.


2015 - Viene presentato ad Host 2015 "iKloud" il primo sistema wifi al mondo progettato per il controllo delle nostre lavastoviglie.